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Tribal Tantra Belly-to-Belly Meditation

  • Nth Yoga Ground Floor 316 Napier Street Fitzroy, Victoria Australia (map)

Tribal Tantra Belly-to-Belly Meditation

Come slow way down.
Drop deeply into your self,
beneath the ordinary,
Into the heart.
Into the soft animal body,
wherein lies the source of magic.


Please join us for an evening of dropped-in relaxation and connection. Tribal Tantra Belly-to-Belly Meditation, as designed by teacher David Cates, is a simple way to use slow breathing, touch, and present sense inquiry to allow a deep and profound unwinding.  

In this practice, we become enveloped in a growing sense of safety. Our animal body shifts easily from adrenalin-based fight-or-flight into oxytocin-based communion with self, other, and the world. 

Together, we gently welcome the shadow as well as the light. No need to put on a spiritual face. No need to be anything other than what we already are. Nothing to fix, nothing to heal, simply a series of opportunities to be intimate with the ever-changing present moment. 

The primary practice is guided step-by-step. It’s done in pairs, laying down side by side, breathing with the body in a curious, compassionate inquiry of all that arises in real time within each person and between each pair. 

While the practices are intended to be profoundly intimate, they are done with clothing on and are not explicitly sexual. 

Generally, we each get the opportunity to partner with 3-4 different people over the course of the evening. Partnering can happen in any combination of gender and orientation. 

Bring your open heart, your curious heart, your shy heart, your tender heart. All hearts are welcome. 

Single Ticket $35
Bring a friend $50 (incl. 2 tickets)

At the door $45

Comments from participants:

“I can access this kind of state on my own, but it usually takes an hour and a half or longer of meditation. I was able to drop in in less than ten minutes, allowing a beautiful exploration the rest of the time.”

“I arrived nervous and anxious and feeling out of my comfort zone. I am leaving with a sense of profound gratitude for the simplicity and beauty of simple human connection.”

“I love that the practice, though using connection with others, is focused primarily on the self, and that every round ends with each person focusing within his or her own body.”

“Other than with my partner, this is the most profoundly intimate experience I think I have ever had.”

Most known for his work in education, Rick Smith has presented to over 100,000 people worldwide over the past twenty years. In his workshops, he shows how “assuming the best” about ourselves and each other can result in true and lasting magic. Rick’s emotional sensitivity, goofy sense of humor, and commitment to kindness contribute to his deep presence as a facilitator.