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Intimacy Embodied: The Belly2Belly Practice

  • Guava 4210 Holden Street Emeryville, CA USA (map)

This is an invitation to intimacy, to connection, to community.

This is an offering of permission, of exploration, of curiosity.

This is a celebration of our animal nature, our erotic nature, our essential nature.

And so you are called to BE.

Be with your body.

Be with your breath.

Be with your heart.

Be with your vulnerable, your strong, your bold, your shy.

Be with each other.

Be with yourself.

Just BE.


Intimacy Embodied is an experience of profound simplicity and potent connection. Based on the work of David Cates and his Belly2Belly practice, we come together and share some of the most fundamental facets of our being - breath, touch, eye contact, conversation - in deeply meaningful ways, bridging the divides we so often use to separate ourselves and finding sameness, perhaps in the most unlikely of places. This is a space of meeting in pure presence, open to the mystery of what it is to be embodied and explore intimacy from there.

Throughout the evening we will share in group and partnered exercises with different individuals in the space, creating an atmosphere of relaxation, permission and safety. The primary constellation will be working in dyads belly to belly, as the name suggests, though you are always at choice as to how much contact and connection you'd like to engage in. A spirit of compassionate curiosity is encouraged and emphasized. All of you is welcome here. We embrace shadow as readily as light, pain as well as pleasure, tenderness as well as strength.

Some practical details:

~ Tickets are $20 in advance (closes 11:11pm 1/11), $25 at the door. There is limited space so grab

~ Doors open at 6:30pm and you are asked to arrive on time for a 7pm start of our practice.

~ While the intention is profound intimacy, there will be no nudity or overt sexual engagement during this evening. All touch is fully consenual with an emphasis on clear communicating and comfortable boundaries.

~ Please be considerate of your journey mates and come with fresh breath and no fragrances, pungent, sweet or otherwise.

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About your guide:

Darshana Avila shares her passion as a sex and relationship coach and tantric bodyworker, bringing expanded intimacy and eroticism to those she serves with her signature mix of playfulness and professionalism. Her extensive study of tantra and yoga fuse together with wisdom, compassion and groundedness as she guides clients toward the awakening of their ecstatic potential. Regarding each of us as embodiments of the Divine, Darshana offers presence, pleasure and passion as the path to deep fulfillment. Her work draws on equal parts intuition, somatic experience, conscious touch and both neo and classical tantric training. 

In addition to offering her gifts as a Dakini and Certified Professional Coach who has trained in the Somatica Method, Darshana is a registered yoga teacher, core collaborator with HoneyRoot Women's Embodiment Retreats and Self:Cervix self pleasure journeys for women, and at the heart of it all, a devoted bhakti yogi with a deep love of the Divine Mother in all her forms.