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Embodied Intimacy Cacao Ceremony ~ Singapore

  • Urban Spirit 4 Lorong Telok #03-01 Singapore Singapore (map)

What happens when we consciously combine Intimate Relating (a powerful dose of Oxytocin) with Cacao (the ultimate heart-opening plant medicine)? Come find out! Join us April 1st for a ceremonial introduction to Embodied Intimacy

We will begin the evening with a Cacao Ceremony, setting intentions and building trust and intimacy one deep breath and sip of delicious medicine at a time. Then we will move slowly, slowly, deeper and deeper into new landscapes of intimacy, Belly2Belly style! We will conclude the evening with integration and movement. 

The Belly2Belly practice is relational breathing meditation done in full body embrace, cultivating connection by relating with what is here, right now. Utilizing the core tools of Tantra: Breath, Sound, Movement and Touch we are slowing down, and we are being together just as we are. As we slow down and link up breath and sound we create all these exquisite feedback loops- body to body, belly to belly, heart to heart, and we invite each other into more and more presence, trust and relaxation. 

Belly2Belly is designed to take participants gently from any amount of separation or isolation towards safety and oxytocin fueled connection. The result is a simple felt presence, real time intimacy and heartfelt shared truth. The story and drama of the mind subsides and a new level of being is found in its place. In-To-Me-I-See. Sound by sound, sigh by sigh, breath by breath it all unfolds, melts and unwinds. At the speed of love we learn how to live from the wisdom of our heart instead of the worry of our minds.

This event is an intentionally held, safe environment in which participants practice transformational processes of relating that accelerate the path towards deeply fulfilling relationships. It is simple, clear, and magical.

At an Embodied Intimacy workshop you can learn how to:

໑ Establish a somatic sense of safety.

໑ Identify a yes, maybe, and no in your body.

໑ Hack your emotional operating system. 

໑ Optimize your human connection system. 

໑ Create transformational relationships through empowering vulnerability.

໑ Alchemize your social anxiety into the very stuff that connects you to your own humanity and brings you closer to others. 

໑ Ride the oscillation between the need for safety and connection, and the desire for freedom and individuality.

໑ Practice intimate relating and communicating in such a way that you can enjoy the ups and downs of your social evolution.

໑ Find your sound and voice and use it. 

໑ BREATHE more and deeply! 

*You will not be required to do anything. Everything is an invitation to consider; all activities are optional. Your full consent is the only requirement for your interactions with others.

When: Saturday, April 1, 2017 (6:00pm-10:00pm)

Where: Urban Spirit, Singapore 

Price: Early Bird $60 - $75 SGD


6:00pm: Doors Open 

6:15pm: Opening Circle & Cacao Ceremony 

6:45pm: Embodied Intimacy 

9:15pm: Integration & Movement 

9:45pm: Closing Circle

✦ More About Embodied Intimacy and The Belly2Belly Practice ✦ 

The core of this practice involves slowing down the sympathetic nervous system until the entire body is relaxed and open to the wisdom of the heart. Conscious use of breath, sound, movement, and touch increases awareness, embodiment and attunement to one another. Conscious Connected breathing gently melts away the barriers to love and opens to the possibility of being nurtured by authentic human connection. This is a tribal group process where everyone practices dyadically (one-on-one) and with the entire tribe. Each person is seen as a mirror that holds a key to unlock a deeper self-acceptance and appreciation for what they reflect back to you. Within the safety and ease of the container being held, individually and collectively, tribe members can start to heal their relational wounds and open up to the ecstatic blissful connection that is always available, on the other-side of your next deep breath.

✦ About the Facilitator: Rachel Rickards ✦ 

Rachel Rickards is a teacher, facilitator, event producer and transformational leader. She is professionally trained in psychology, sex therapy and alternative/open relationship counseling, and is a certified Belly2Belly practitioner (Certified by David Cates the creator of Belly2Belly). She travels the world hosting retreats on intimacy, tantra, and sexuality and is the co-founder of Embodied Intimacy, a simple and straightforward path to fulfilling relationships through vulnerability and partnered meditation.

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✦ About the Venue: Urban Spirit✦ 

-- URBAN SPIRIT is a space and brand, bringing to you beauty in the heart of the city, for real and deep unfolding, through powerful embodied and shamanic practices. Beauty, depth, grit, body, sound, song - for each individual to unleash their full potential, joy and freedom.