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The Path of Relating - San Francisco

  • 507 55th St (@Telegraph) Oakland, CA USA (map)

Are you free to love? Free to experience the fullness of love that wants to be given and received from your heart- in this moment? And the next?

Embodied Intimacy is founded on the idea that relating is the path. All relationships, every shape and size, has the ability to lead us deeper into the mystery of who we truly are. 

Where we are the most vulnerable, we have the strongest defenses. And it just so happens, we are the most vulnerable in our closest and most intimate relationships. 

Regardless of shape and form of our relationships (i.e. friends, lovers, partners, family, etc.), they are what creates the meaning and potential for happiness in our lives. How we handle our reactive defenses against the threat of separation and relational patterns defines the quality and depth of our connection and relationships. 

Join this fun, groundbreaking and experiential 4-hour workshop that includes embodied movement, mindfulness, connection, neurobiological psychology, instinctual puppet show, sharing circle, tantric tools of breath, sound, touch and the Belly2Belly practice (partnered breathing meditation).  

Learn simple and effective ways to: 

໑ Dance, Breathe, Shake, Move energy!
໑ Co-create safety and connection, in any type of relationship. 
໑ "Come back to love," to transform what keeps you stuck in reactive relational patterns. 
໑ Have fun with and feel compassion toward our shared humanity.
໑ Unshackle biology and conditioning so that we can be truly free to love. 
໑ Handle the strong instincts that kick in when we are scared or “triggered." 
໑ Transform our wounds, and our protective instincts, into deeper intimacy. 
໑ Empower yourself with experiential knowledge of an alchemical relational process that makes gold out of lead. 

You might leave this workshop feeling fully seen as you are. With clarity and motivation to live your version of the dream. With full permission to be totally you. Naked and brave. Vulnerable and powerful. As the beholder of alchemical congruency. With beginners mind. A zest for life. Peace and joy in your heart. Free to love. Yey. Yes!

Date: 4th of June, 2017
Time: 3 to 7 PM
Location: 507 55th St (@Telegraph) Oakland, CA. 
Cost: $30 (EarlyBird ) $40 (Regular Price)

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Tell me more… 

You can think of this workshop as intimacy and relationship bootcamp (with a twist of fun and light-heartedness)! The maps and tools we will share are applicable to ALL relationships. You can come on your own or with your partner(s) and choose to all the exercises with your partner or you can have the experience of changing partners in the exercises. 

All of you is welcome here! 

*You will not be required to do anything. Everything is an invitation to consider; all activities are optional. Your full consent is the only requirement for your interactions with others.