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Belly2Belly Training Intensive - Sweden

  • Tokalynga Teaterakademi Gunnarp Sweden (map)

Belly2Belly Training Intensive
~Taught by David Cates (Rare Chance to Learn Directly from the Master!)

໑ You’ve been touched by the magic of Belly2Belly
໑ You’re a group leader, therapist, coach – or concerned parent – who wants to bring more depth, intimacy and trust to the people you care for

໑ The fundamentals (and secrets) of the Belly2Belly practice
໑ The tools and techniques that help our bodies relax and trust in love
໑ How to fully BE the love you are at the deepest level – and guide others to meet in that love
໑ How to simplify, deepen, and amplify the work you’re already doing in the world

໑ A 5-day intensive group retreat in the Swedish countryside
໑ Community living, nourishing meals provided
໑ A mix of teaching, experience, explanations, explorations, practice and play
໑ Let the magic of Belly2Belly gently soak into your heart and bones
໑ Mentored practice being a guide for others

August 15-20, 2017

Tokalynga Teaterakademi in Gunnarp near Atran

$999 USD


The Belly2Belly Training Intensive is Level One of a 2-Part Certification Process.

After completing this 5-day intensive, you’ll be confidently able to bring this partnered breathing meditation into your life and work, guiding couples, groups and families into greater trust and intimacy.

Completing Level One allows you to say that you’ve studied with David Cates, but does NOT authorize you to use the Belly2Belly name or brand in advertising your work or events.

If you’re seeking full certification as a Belly2Belly Guide, after graduating from Level One you must be invited by David into the 2-week Certification Training, and complete a 6-month online apprenticeship. 

Only graduates of Level Two are certified to guide official Belly2Belly events, to be part of the Belly2Belly referral network, and to advertise as Certified Belly2Belly Practitioners, with David’s blessing and support.

ABOUT Belly2Belly:

Belly2Belly is a deceptively simple practice that rests on multiple dimensions of neurobiology, pranayama, focused sensory awareness, tantric ritual, intimate communion, witness consciousness, sound entrainment, sequenced relaxation, psychological regression, shadow work, neurolinguistic programming, wizardry and primate zoology.

The exercises are designed to dissolve the Western experience of separate self into rhythmic waves of sensation and feeling that are shared with a partner in real time. 

What results is a profoundly felt sense of peace and connection, a natural biochemical high that neuro-mirrors intimate love, meditative samadhi and mystical oneness.

The Belly2Belly Partnered Meditation Practices are relatively simple to learn. A moderately skilled group facilitator or teacher will be able to deliver the instructions and prompts without much fuss. To use a musical analogy, if you can play simple guitar chords, you can learn this song; it’s not that complex.

Belly2Belly is not built on a rigid script. It’s more jazz improvisation than following sheet music. There are a dozen main “asanas” or “inquiries” to guide your exploration. Teachers put them together into sequences based on the group, the day, your own curiosity and inspiration. Every combination has its own rewards. Great facilitators will riff on the basic chords to create their own unique Belly2Belly experiences.

The secret sauce here is the ability to model and speak from a dropped-in, relaxed nervous system. That is, you have to BE the result you wish to create in your group. If you slow down and love everyone in the room, they’ll feel that and follow you. If you’re concerned with performance and “doing it right”, they won’t be able to relax and trust you.

When you understand what works in this practice, and why, you’ll be able to let go yourself and play in the cocreated group heart field as it emerges.

This Level One Training Intensive is designed to help you understand the key elements that will create successful communion for your group. Every dimension that you “get” will deepen everyone’s experience. You don’t need to master all of them. With just a few chords you can make beautiful music, and share this amazing gift with your community.

Belly2Belly has proven to work in these situations: 
໑ as a one-time or repeating community-building experience; 
໑ to quickly deepen the connections between participants at a retreat or workshop or ecstatic dance;
໑ as a grounding practice for magic rituals;
໑ for couples seeking more intimacy with their partners; 
໑ for organizations or pre-existing groups wanting to work together more effectively; 
໑ for parents wanting to teach their children the skills they’ll need for bonding and relationship; 
໑ for teachers who want to sneak in a few minutes of relaxation and cohesion for their students; 
໑ for therapists who want to maximize their healing time with clients; 
໑ as specific events offered to the adventurous general public.

A little more about David Cates: 
David Cates has devoted 40 years of his adult life to exploring sex, intimacy and connection. He travels the world as a deeply respected tantra teacher, sexual healer, mentor and beloved elder. His recent explorations involve using tantric embodiment practices to create synchronized group heart fields. He created the Belly2Belly practice so random strangers can move together into a palpable shared experience of trust and loving connection. David is committed to showing men and women how to tap into the power sources in our own bodies and give birth to new realities.