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Special Presentation by David Cates at Science and Nonduality Conference

  • Titignano Castle Titignano 7 Orvieto Italy (map)

David Cates will be presenting a special Belly2Belly group experience, through the lens of neurobiology and tantric meditation.

Interpersonal Neurobiology

By understanding polyvagal theory, rhythmic entrainment and the mechanics of trauma recovery, it’s possible to switch off the high-alert SNS signals of social anxiety and emotional guardedness, and flood the body with oxytocin. Simple meditations (inspired by the profound Vijnana Bhairava sutras) bring focused attention to present-moment sensory awareness. Sharing these meditative explorations with a partner create a deep sense of real-time connection, a relaxed and spacious open field in which intimacy emerges as a most natural human experience.