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Embodied Intimacy: Erotic Innocence ~ Switzerland

  • Kientalerhof 44 Griesalpstrasse Kiental BE, BE, 3723 Switzerland (map)

Embodied Intimacy: Erotic Innocence & Somatic Empowerment

This retreat is for singles and couples who want to experience the beauty, power and innocence of your erotic nature.

In this relationship laboratory we offer you the extremely unique experience of mind-blowing, heart opening, playful explorations of emotional, erotic and physical intimacy

You will get the chance to transform fears, share the truth of your heart and experience relating to others from wholeness, trust, honesty and authenticity.

You will learn understandable, repeatable elements that are designed to give you the embodied foundation for an erotic life that blows your mind, opens your heart and makes you grateful to be alive exactly as you are.

In this workshop you will:
♥ Experience the beauty, wholeness and innocence of your erotic nature.
♥ Access, trust and take responsibility for your needs, feelings and desires.
♥ Learn to trust in yourself among others and that your shadow is your gift.
♥ Increase your somatic, emotional and social intelligence.
♥ Develop a clear sense of dynamic boundaries and find your authentic “yes” to everyone.
♥ Learn ways to approach yourself and others with curiosity instead of judgment, compassion instead of impatience, allowance instead of avoidance, truth instead of defensive strategies, and from choice instead of control.
♥ Transform fears, share the truth of your heart and experience relating to others from wholeness, trust, honesty and authenticity.
♥ Reduce social anxiety and sense of personal inadequacy by being met as you are and mirrored by a compassionate community without being made wrong or told you need to be different to be loved and welcomed.
♥ Learn the alchemy of relating, the practice of courageous vulnerability and transparent self-disclosure.
♥ From your heart, deliver potent feedback that inspires others to make brave, transformative changes.

♥ All exercises are invitations and consensual. The focus is on exploring connection and aliveness, in motion and space.
♥ All exercises can be done with comfortable clothes on. Partial and total nudity might be invited. And if so, this to invite more sensations, sense of vulnerability, receptivity and pleasure.


Griesalpstrasse 44
CH-3723 Kiental
T: +41 33 676 26 76

Friday, 29 March 2019: 17:00-22:00
Saturday, 30 March 2019: 10:00-20:00
Sunday, 31 March 2019: 10:00-17:00
With breaks according the kitchen of the Kientalerhof

Tier 1 (Tickets 1-10): 250
Tier 2 (Tickets 11-20): 275
Tier 3 (Tickets 21-30): 300

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the event:
Rachel & Buster
fb messenger:


What is included in the price?
♥ Food and accommodations are NOT included in the price for this event.
♥ The price of the ticket covers the course fee only.

How I book my food & accommodations with Kientalerhof ?
♥ Reserve your space and food at the venue by:
T: +41 33 676 26 76

What language will this workshop be taught in?
♥ This workshop is taught in English, translation will be available if needed.

Is this for singles or couples?
♥ For singles, couples, and people who’s relationship style does not fit any label in particular.

Is this a place to connect with new folks or deepen connections with current lovers?
♥ Both. If you come with your partner you are welcome to partner together for some of the exercises, but not all of them. This is not a couples retreat. It is a community immersion. We request you do at least as many exercises with other group members as you do with your partner.

What are a few of the specific results I can expect to achieve if I come to this workshop?
♥ More connection and aliveness in your love relationships
♥ Deepening into honesty, truth, play and passion.
♥ Gain insights and skills on how to be met as you are and how to meet others where they are.
♥ Be seen, heard and felt by a community.
♥ Discover your unique erotic expression and practice giving it a voice.
♥ Simple and effective tools that will enhance your relational and erotic experience.

Can you say more about some of the practices we will do?
♥ Mirroring, Attunement and Feedback Practices (Drawing from Belly2Belly, Zegg Forum, Embodied Intimacy, Contact Improvisation, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy)
♥ Rewilding Practices (Drawing from Contact Improvisation, Embodied Intimacy)
♥ Erotic Healing Practices (Drawing from David Cates, Body Work, Yin based approach to Dearmoring)
♥ Theoretical Context (Drawing from Tamera Healing Biotope Philosophy, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Neuroscience, Attachment Theory, Developmental Psychology)