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Embodied Intimacy ~ Community Immersion & Summer Camp!

  • Skeppsuddens Kursgård Järstad Östra Stenby 610 32 Vikbolandet Sweden (map)

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What would be possible if you had 2 weeks to fully experience yourself as a loving, relational being — all while surrounded by a community of fellow intimacy adventurers?

️❤️ How many blocks to love could you remove?
🧡 How dramatically could you strengthen your relationship to boundaries?
💛 How much could you open yourself to the kind of love you really deserve?
💚 How fully could you become comfortable with the discomfort of vulnerability?
💙 How many lives could you impact with your gifts of listening, witnessing and honoring another's self-expression?
💜 How deeply could you receive being showered with love and affection?
🎉 How much fun could you have?!?

Welcome to Embodied Intimacy's Summer Camp... for adventurous adults! 😎

This 2 week relational laboratory is the grand culmination of our work together — all the workshops we've led, all the schools and trainings we've done, and all the deep breaths we've taken have led us here, for this 1 magical event that we get to share with you — our community.

We've been waiting years for this, and it's finally here.

🧘‍♀️Deep Work + Ecstatic Play 🤸‍♂️

We believe in the power of combining deep work and ecstatic play. We will dance, play and explore together, all while bringing more and more awareness and love to what's happening in relationship to one another.

We will play with our edges to both go within and reveal ourselves, as well as experiencing ecstatic bliss and innocent, child-like play.

👨‍👨‍👧‍👦‍‍‍ Authentic Community Building ‍‍‍👩‍👩‍👧‍👦

We will build a culture of trust by speaking the truth. We will care for each other's hearts and experience the solidarity of knowing that we're all the same boat. You will experience unity by seeing yourself mirrored in everything and everyone.

This is a safe environment in which you are invited to bring your deepest longing and deepest fears of connection. Here we can coexist in a delightful mix of attraction, aversion, grief and gratitude, and more. Whatever arises will be loved and welcomed with open arms.

Our shared aliveness, zest for life, and powerful self-expression will create an acceleration chamber for growth and transformation that won’t leave a single soul untouched by the wonder of living in this electric human body.

Together, we will learn that we are lovable not despite our limitations. Instead, we are lovable as a result of our limitations.

🙈🙉🙊 Activities + Workshops 🙈🙉🙊

♥️ Our favorite embodiment exercises to feel at home and powerful in your body
♥️ Community Forum - being witnessed in our full self-expression
♥️ Belly2Belly meditation to experience the subtle dynamics of intimacy
♥️ Sauna by the lake and other amazing features of the retreat center.
♥️ The Most Epic, Ecstatic Dance Parties (hosted by Buster Rhymes)
♥️ Discussions about romance and guides for alternative dating structures
♥️ Erotic play spaces, safely held and facilitated
♥️ Healing practices designed to access the deepest parts of ourselves and bring forth our blocks to love.
♥️ Small group sharing and working with our teams, led by our wonderful and highly trained camp counselors!
♥️ Playing in nature and reconnecting with your wildness
♥️ Exploring nudity and letting go of body shame
♥️ Ample solo time for integration and reflection (we see you introverts!)
♥️ Opening your creative channels for artistic expressions such as poetry, theatre, skits, music, and more...
♥️ Conscious kink & mindful exploration of shadow play
♥️ Body oil slide, cause it's awesome
♥️ And so much more!!!

💜Click for application to attend 💜

🇸🇪️🌲🏕️ About the Venue 🌳🌷🌞

️Skeppsudden is an old farm dating from the 18th century. The place is located at Bråviken's southern beach, opposite to Kolmårdens zoo, 20 km from Norrköping and 150 km south of Stockholm. The scenic and undisturbed location provides space for both silence and experience. Here you will find forests, meadows, cliffs and a long beach, as well as a delicious apple and cherry dale. Nature grows wild and grow in a harmonious synonym filled with oaks, books, linden, chestnuts and silver pine trees. Through the area goes Via Amorosa — The Love Trail, where you can wander with new or old friends. At the beach you will also find Skeppsuddens own pier and an octagonal wood-burning sauna with panoramic windows with stunning views over Bråviken.

️🦄 Logistical Info 🦄️

Monday, 8 July - Sunday, 21 July 2019.

Skeppsuddens Kursgård Järstad Östra Stenby 610 32 Vikbolandet

*Includes all food and dorm style accommodations* (Private or double room upgrades available for an additional cost)
€1600 Before 1 Feb 2019
€1700 Before 1 March 2019
€1800 Before 1 April 2019
€1900 Before 1 May 2019
€2000 After 1 June 2019

Fill out this application ASAP to get the journey started!

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