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Embodied Intimacy Training 2019-2020

✦ Come Home to Love, Eros & Your Body ✦

We all carry a collective trauma. We fumble in relationship, we struggle with loneliness. We’re cut off from our bodies, their juices and smells and animal desires. We manipulate our sexual partners for external validation. We try to mimic porn sex. Men are men because they get laid. Women are women because they are desired. Happiness is rarely lasting.

Would you like to experience a different kind of world?

A world where we could slow down enough to feel safe in every cell of our body... where we could put our conditioning on hold... where we can allow our senses to open and guide the way.

What if we could build a new culture together — based on trust that comes from speaking the truth?

What if we could bridge that painful gap between who we think we are in our minds – and who we experience ourselves to be through our bodies and hearts?

This world is here now. This is your invitation.

Together, in community, for one year, we will live in this new world. We will explore how to cultivate a loving, erotic embodiment in which all of us is included, even the parts that feel scary, amazing, too little or too much.

We will explore how we can heal one another, unlock our organism’s innate ability to integrate and embrace all our contradictions. Come home, through your body, to one united whole.

In this community we will cultivate trust, solidarity and mutual support. We will move from experiencing ourselves as isolated messed up individuals, to stand together in the devastating collective and historical trauma we have inherited.

This cultural wound has left us in fear of, and at war with, love and eros, the sacred energies that created us and are the essence of our joy. This wound lives in every fiber of our nervous system as a terror of not being worthy of love. Women fear intimacy with men. Men fear intimacy with women. Brothers mistrust brothers; sisters mistrust sisters.

We can't heal these relational traumas alone.

But we can engage in simple and truthful ways of being together, by quieting down the regular, superficial chitchat of social interaction. We can enter into a profound transformational intimacy with one another and with shared reality, through attuning and dialoguing — breath by breath, sound by sound, touch by touch, move by move.

You can be a part of this future.

Are you ready?

✦ What to Expect ✦

໑ Get a comprehensive, thorough and integrated emotional, relational and sexual education — the kind so few of us received growing up but need so badly as adults.

໑ Deepen your experience of intimacy, connection and free sexuality through trust and self-awareness.

໑ Shift your relationships from fear to trust to explore your deepest longings around intimacy, love and partnership.

໑ Rediscover your erotic innocence and wildness in a space of trust, permission and creativity.

໑ Reclaim your body as an intelligent instrument that works as an inner barometer for your truth.

໑ Explore what it means to embody the healthy feminine and masculine and practice your unique expression of both within a loving tribe.

໑ Learn how to be a whole human being, in body, heart and soul, in a way that naturally heals and makes life holy.

໑ Experience more self-love and self-acceptance through the mirrors of others.

໑ Transform your personal fear, shame, and trauma around who you are as a sexual being, end the war within as a political act of healing the planet.

໑ Step into greatness, become your calling, fulfill your task here on earth, to be part of a much larger spiritual evolution.

✦ Embodied Intimacy Training - Program Details ✦

This is a 9 month program starting in September 2019 and ending in May 2020.

Up to 26 group members will meet in person four times during the 9 months, for 7 days each time.

In between these modules, there will be a weekly online integration and community-building group.

You may attend an optional introductory weekend or weekend retreats lead by Embodied Intimacy to determine if this program is a fit for you. You are always invited to apply and have a personal conversation with Buster about if this is a fit for you.

✦ Certificate ✦
A Certificate of Completion is offered each participant who completes the four modules and the required integration tasks.

✦ Teachers Training (next year) ✦
For the participants who complete the Embodied Intimacy Training there will be an option to apply for a teachers training the following year. A few teacher trainees will then serve as assistant teachers during the EIT. This will allow them to infuse their work in the world with the principles and practices of Embodied Intimacy.

✦ Dates ✦

Introductory Weekends:
If you have never met us in person you must attend one of our events before you can be accepted into this program.
*see for more workshop & intensive opportunities*

• Summer module: Bonding as Community •
2 September - 8 September 2019

• Fall Module: From Trauma to Personal Power •
4 November - 10 November 2019

• Winter Module: The Erotic Animal Hiding in the Shadows •
6 January - 12 January 2020

• Spring Module: Integration & Celebration •
2 March - 8 March 2020

✦ Costs ✦
Course fee: 42,000 SEK for private participants
54,000 SEK for companies and organizations
Includes course material, food and accommodations.
Invoiced from Sweden.

✦ Location ✦
Ätran, Sweden

We are now accepting applications for enrollment!

Refund Policy:
75% until 60 days
50% 45 days
No refund under 30 days

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