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Tribal Belly to Belly Relational Meditation practices
7:00 PM19:00

Tribal Belly to Belly Relational Meditation practices

You are invited
to slow way down,
to drop your attention within.
Make contact
with the ground of being.
From this well, and these roots,
we meet ourselves anew.
From here
we find
each other.



Early Bird Ticket until the 19th October

~JUST FOR YOU $30 + booking fee

~YOU & a FRIEND $50 + booking fee

Tickets sold from the 20th October

~JUST FOR YOU $40 + booking fee

~YOU & a FRIEND $70 + booking fee

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Come and experience an evening of oxytocin-fulled connection as we explore David Cates's Tribal Belly to Belly Relational Meditation practices.

Through relaxed breathing, sounding, eye contact, and touch, we let the animal body know that it is not only safe here, but it is welcome, celebrated and honored.

We let the heart know that it is safe to love here, safe to sense and feel, safe to expand and contract, safe to have and trust its own intelligence.

Together, we gently welcome the shadow. 
No need to put on a spiritual face. 
No need to be anything other than what you already are Nothing to fix, nothing to heal; simply a series of opportunities to be intimate with the ever-changing present moment.

Meditation Structure:
The primary practice is done in pairs, laying down side by side, breathing with the body in a curious, compassionate inquiry of all that arises in real time within each person and between each pair.

While we intend for the practices to be profoundly intimate, they are done with clothing on and are not explicitly sexual.

Generally, we each get the opportunity to partner with 3-4 different people over the course of the afternoon. Partnering can happen in any combination of gender and orientation.

We request that participants do not wear any fragrances or perfumes for the evening in respect to other participants. Thanks!

About the Presenter: 
Rick Smith is a master teacher trainer. Most known for his work in education, he’s presented to over 100,000 people worldwide over the past twenty years, and coached hundreds of teachers and facilitators one-on-one. His best-selling book Conscious Classroom Management, Unlocking the Secrets of Great Teaching, has sold more than a quarter million copies. He has trained facilitators of many modalities, including breathwork, meditation, dance, tantra, nutrition, and yoga.

In his work, Rick shows how “assuming the best” about ourselves and each other can result in true and lasting magic. His emotional sensitivity, goofy sense of humor, and commitment to kindness contribute to his deep presence as a facilitator.

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Cultivating Inner Authority - 'Manifesting Our Genius'
to Nov 13

Cultivating Inner Authority - 'Manifesting Our Genius'

  • Ashtanga Yoga Centre of Melbourne (map)
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We all have gifts to share – with friends, loved ones, and in our work in the world. How do we access and express our genius and share our gifts? How do we sift through the noises in our heads that tell us we aren’t good enough, or aren’t deserving? How do we include our full vulnerability while simultaneously commanding presence and making a difference?

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