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The Tender Edge: Finding Unconditional Love in All of Life’s Conditions
to May 20

The Tender Edge: Finding Unconditional Love in All of Life’s Conditions

“Love is the whole thing. We are only pieces.”

We all long for wholeness, love, and inspiration. We all want to be seen, received and welcomed as we are. We all want to say a full yes to Life, while honoring our need for safety.

  • How do we access our vulnerability and our authentic power at the same time?
  • How do we grow into deep presence and inner authority?
  • How do we bring tender self-love into areas that challenge us, such as money, sex, and relationship
  • How do we be of service in the world, while leading from our compassionate hearts?

The Tender Edge is a seven-day retreat that offers an exploration of these questions.  Through carefully crafted exercises, we can slow down to the speed of love, listen deeply to the wisdom of their own bodies, and find our authentic presence, breathing in kindness. We can discover that the conditions of our lives, rather than being problems, are doorways into a profound love of self and others.

Leading from the Heart:Inner Authority, Presence and The Tender Edge

The Ark Resort

May 14-20
Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Cost: 1,270 $US

Early Bird Cost: US $1,070
Available before April 21

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Relational Magic: Embodied Meditation
2:00 PM14:00

Relational Magic: Embodied Meditation

Remember falling asleep in your lover's arms?

Or the amazing grace of having a baby melt into your chest?

Or talking deep into the night with your dearest friend ... and the blessed relief of not needing to hold anything back?

This precious state of intimacy and connection is only a few breaths away.

Relational Magic is a profoundly simple partnered meditation practice that relaxes our bodies, opens our hearts, and softens our fears. 

Would you like to learn more about this practice?




Relational Magic is a deceptively simple process that rests on multiple dimensions and modalities such as neurobiology, pranayama, focused sensory awareness, tantric ritual, intimate communion, witness consciousness, sound entrainment, sequenced relaxation, psychological regression, shadow work, neuro-linguistic programming, wizardry and primate zoology!

The exercises are designed to dissolve the Western experience of separate self into rhythmic waves of sensation and feeling that are shared with a partner in real time.

What results is a profoundly felt sense of peace and connection, a natural biochemical high that neuro-mirrors intimate love, meditative samadhi and mystical oneness.

In groups, we focus on generating intimacy, emotional openness, and physical presence in a safe, slow, guided non-sexual way. We reawaken our primal need for human connection, animal to animal, body to body, heart to heart, without the stress or uncertainty of sex. By trusting our bodies and each other, we reclaim our original innocence... and remember we are safe.


The primary practice is done in pairs, laying down side by side, clothing on, while engaging slow deep breaths with a sound on the exhale. You’ll make physical contact with your partner at a level that feels comfortable and relaxed for you both, minimally holding hands and touching knees or feet. Some people enjoy closer cuddling, and some prefer a more spacious embrace. It’s up to you.  


No, most people come on their own. Sometimes, couples attend together. Sometimes we'll choose partners for you, sometimes you'll choose your partner. If you attend as a couple, you're welcome to do the first pairing together. After that, we encourage you to explore with new pairings while maintaining the boundaries that are right for you. You’ll get the chance to pair with 3-4 different people over the course of the afternoon. Partnering can happen in any combination of gender, orientation, and age.  


Please only invite others after you have attended once yourself and can speak to the practice from direct experience. Feel free to reach out to Rick or Robyn via private message if you have any questions.


We look forward to sharing with you!

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Tribal Tantra Training
to Mar 15

Tribal Tantra Training

Tribal Tantra is a 200 hour Month Long training experience using Tantric Ceremony, Shamanic Ritual and Conscious Dance meditation as tools to transform and empower lives in a practical and lasting way.

*Note the FB event page does not allow and end date beyond 2 weeks, but this is a month long event March 1 - March 30

We will be held by the magical and breathtakingly beautiful and private Suraya Resort near Ubud in Bali, Indonesia. This secluded location offers the perfect support for this deep and transformational dive.

Additional details, photos, graduate testimonials and payment information at:

*Are you ready to move toward grace, ease and empowerment?

*Are you ready to push your edges…Are you ready to break through?

*Are you ready to experience and fully embody your right to be loved, to create, act and express?

*Are you prepared to be fully empowered and expressed in your clear masculine/feminine?

*Are you ready to let go of the guilt, fear, shame and limiting beliefs holding you back from living your life?


We will take a holisitic approach, so that you not only have the tools necessary to support you, be it in teaching and sharing your tantra with the world or simply integrating this ancient wisdom in a way which supports your life in clear and practical ways.

We will use the tools as we learn them, so that you may: learn how to listen to the subtle wisdom of your physical body and align this to your higher self, integrate your emotional body and it’s intelligence in a healthy way, discover, heal and release old wounds and traumas from this lifetime and those before, build a new relationship with the limiting beliefs, stories and egoic based characters which often derail and slow our progress.

This full integration of physical, emotional and energetic self coupled with understanding of our timeline and egoic survival instinct will best allow you to use the tools you learn to be of clean and clear service to not only your students, but also friends, allies and loves along this life journey.

During this life transforming month we will experience how the practices of Tantric Ceremony and meditations, Breath Work, Yoga, Shaking, Conscious Dance, Shamanic Ritual, and seeing and being seen in a place of embodied, empowered vulnerability will facilitate a return home to our heart center.

Awakening is a direct, embodied experience of the divine within. This is a place beyond the simplicity of belief or the trap of knowing or believing we know. A spontaneous awakening is deeper than our will can conceptualize. This knowing becomes a permanent part of our being, physically, energetically, emotionally and spiritually

The Awakened being is now empowered for they have an experience of their true and higher self. No longer concerned with worthiness, this being will begin to cultivate the power and find the help and support needed to share fulfill their calling(s) and share their gift(s) with the world.

This training takes place at a beautiful resort in Bali, Indonesia. We will enjoy 3 buffet meals, full use of all Gaia facilities including free use of our shuttle, free 24 hour drinks table, fruit basket, afternoon desserts, full use of seminar hall and all equipment , use of pool, pool towels & pool chairs and use of WiFi. Accommodation cost includes a double or triple occupancy room with a water view PLUS meals.

Training Course Cost: $4,890

Accommodation Cost Included – (Single Room Supplement additional $1,440)

Non-refundable $500 deposit required to hold your space. Payment Plan available via equal monthly on time installments. Early price locked with your deposit, provided all monthly payments are on time.

Additional details, photos, graduate testimonials and payment information at:

Lead Facilitator: Eugene Hedlund

Founder of the School of Tribal Tantra, has been teaching these transformational arts around the globe since 2008.

He founded The School of Tribal Tantra as a gateway to accelerate those who are ready to step into their mastery. Eugene’s core passion is to use these tools and gifts in an integrated way which best serves each student.

More info videos about Tribal Tantra and Eugene Hedlund at:

Co-Facilitator: Lin Holmquist

Lin Holmquist is a mother of two, yoga teacher, yoga therapist, meditation teacher, doula & NLP practitioner. She a dakini - sexual healer and works with both individuals, couples, groups and big events in Örebro, Sweden and the whole world.

Lins dharma - calling in life - is to be in the front for a LOVE REVOLUTION that starts in YOUR heart so that we together can spread light and love in the world!

Co-Facilitator: Rachel Rickards

Rachel is adept at using sound and touch as a vehicle for unconditional love. With personal and professional training in psychology, sex therapy and alternative/open relationship counseling, she is committed to helping others find their full creative expression in life and love.

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