What Is Belly2Belly?


Remember falling asleep in your lover's arms?

Or the amazing grace of having a baby melt into your chest?

Or talking deep into the night with your dearest friend ... and the blessed relief of not needing to hold anything back?

This precious state of intimacy and connection is only a few breaths away.

Belly2Belly is a profoundly simple partnered meditation practice that relaxes our bodies, opens our hearts, and puts all our fears to rest.

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Embodied Intimacy Training


Would you like to experience a different kind of world?

A world where we could slow down enough to feel safe in every cell of our body... where we could put our conditioning on hold... where we can allow our senses to open and guide the way. 

What if we could build a new culture together — based on trust that comes from speaking the truth?

What if we could bridge that painful gap between who we think we are in our minds – and who we experience ourselves to be through our bodies and hearts?

This world is here now. This is your invitation.


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David Cates' Certified Belly2Belly facilitators

These beautiful beings have my blessings to lead you deep into the Belly2Belly practices. All of them are steeped in this work. They have lived, loved, studied, worked and played with me as we refined these offerings for you. I trust in their ability to guide and care for you as you discover the depths of your capacity for love.
— David Cates, Creator of Belly2Belly Partnered Meditation Practice